You Are Not Alone

HysterStrong is an online resource and information programme created to help women understand the preparation for, and recovery from their Hysterectomy surgery.
The information within has been taken not only from personal experience, but also from other women who have contributed to the programme with their own stories and recommendations.

The programme offers a wide range of information, advice and tips to help each woman in their journey.
Whether you are considering having the surgery, booked in and preparing for the surgery, or even post surgery, the information spans from pre-op preparation to full post-op recovery. 


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Your Instructor

Womens Wellbeing Practitioner

Lesley Morrison

For over a decade Lesley has worked with women in the health and fitness industry, assisting them in attaining more than just weight loss or fitness, but a healthy relationship with mind and body. As a personal trainer Lesley has worked with hundreds of women, and realised that the majority of these women were experiencing the same difficulties in achieving their goals. When looking at the information, Lesley quickly realised the one common denominator. The Menopause. Lesley has been recognised for her work within the health care industry, and in 2020 was recognised by the the Royal Society for Public Health and the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sports and Physical Activity. Lesley works exclusively with women, particularly those who are experiencing the Peri to Post Menopause or Hysterectomy Surgery/Recovery, by combining her vast knowledge of Fitness, and her teaching skills as both a Pilates and Yoga Teacher, plus her Nutrition Coaching Qualifications, to create unique and specific group, self-paced and individual programmes to guide women to health, wellbeing and ultimately, happiness.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Finding Your Way Around

  • 2

    Module One - What Is Hysterectomy & Why Have One?

  • 3

    Module Two - Pre-Op Preparation

    • Hysterstrong Module Two

    • Guided Meditation Practice

  • 4

    Module Three - Your Hospital Stay & Recovery

    • Hysterstrong Module Three

    • Hospital Check List

  • 5

    Module Four - Returning to Light Movement

    • HysterStrong Module Four

    • When To Re-Introduce Movement & Activity

    • Starting to Move for Recovery

    • Pilates for Hysterectomy Recovery - Practice

  • 6

    Module Five - Loving Movement & Your Body For Life

    • Hysterstrong Module Five

    • Loving Movement for Life

    • Progressing Your Pilates Practice

    • Healing Yoga for Hysterectomy Recovery

    • Your Experiences

  • 7


    • Hysterectomy Anatomy Explained

  • 8

    What Next?

    • Have You Found this Programme Useful?

    • Surgical Menopause

    • Love Your Menopause - Introduction

    • Tell Someone

    • Thank you


What Are Others Saying

What A Fantastic, Informative & Honest Programme

by Claire

I am so glad that I took the time to read and listen to the videos/booklet before my surgery, as it has really helped me to get to grips with what is happening to my body. THANK YOU! I am really looking forward to the new programme for the menopause as this is all new to me.

If you are having a Hysterectomy You NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE! IT'S BRILIANT!

By Sophie

Fantastic Information! I was given a leaflet about hysterectomy and nothing else. So this has been amazing and I would have done some things very differently if I had this information before my surgery. If you are having a Hysterectomy You NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE! IT'S BRILIANT!

A fantastic programme and highly recommended.

By Louise

I was terrified when I first learnt that I needed a hysterectomy, but a friend suggested this programme and I am so glad that I took her advice. It is easy to feel very alone during the lead up to the surgery, and as though your questions and concerns are not being taken seriously, but your programme has really helped me to fight for my own health and wellbeing and I felt much more informed and well prepared heading into hospital. A fantastic programme and highly recommended.


By Julie

I have found your programme to be really informative and full of things that I wish I had known prior to my Radical Hysterectomy. Your story is practically identical to mine. Explaining your story, I feel, is important, as people know that you know exactly how they are feeling and what they are going through. And that is more important than a nurse in hospital telling me I would be fine and "feel like a new woman" when she had never been where I was and didn't have a clue how I felt on the inside. It is well written, good references to self help and support groups, which is fantastic. Your new sections are a one stop shop for Womens Menstrual Health, jam packed with what you need to know to support your journey to the "other side". Know that you are not alone and where you can go for help! LOVED IT!


By Lorraine


Put My Mind At Ease!

By Ruth

I am really grateful for the information within this programme. I was working myself into a state worrying about the surgery and how I would feel afterwards, but Lesley really put my mind at ease throughout this programme. I contacted her directly a few times, and she took the time to get back to me, and even checked in with me just after my surgery to see how I was doing. If you are having surgery, then I would highly recommend the programme.

100% worth the very small price!


Knowing that the person teaching this programme had been through the same stresses and worries really helped me to get a grip. I was so scared, but having the knowledge from this course really helped me to understand the whole process, from preparing through to recovering. And thank you for the hospital checklist, I would never have thought of half of the items. 100% worth the very small price!

If you are having a hysterectomy, then DO THIS PROGRAMME!

By Mary

I was given an A4 sheet of paper from the hospital with some information about the surgery, and every question I asked, seemed to be dismissed. I felt so alone and confused, not really knowing what was going to happen to my body. I found Hysterstrong about 10 days before my surgery and immediately signed up. Hearing Lesley's story made me feel a bit better, knowing she had experienced the same thing. But the information within the programme completely changed my mindset. I went into hospital prepared, and I left knowing what to expect and what to do, and not do. I can't say thank you enough. If you are having a hysterectomy, then DO THIS PROGRAMME!

Very Informative and Easy to Follow

by Luci

The information is really useful and the manual was great to read in hospital on my iPad. The programme really helped me in asking my consultant questions, which also made me feel more relaxed about the surgery. This programme will help so many women through a very tough time, highly recommend!